We guarantee to increase profits in your glass manufacturing business within 30 days.

How SPIL Glass Software will increase your profits

A successful glass manufacturing business is built on key departments such as Customer Sales, Inventory, Production, Glazing and delivery. There are many software applications that mange glass production, but we believe that this alone isn't enough to increase business profits. SPIL Glass Software manages all aspects of your glass manufacturing business to increase profits at every stage.

Manage Sales Leads

Reduced Wastage

Reduced Lead Times

Tracking Production

Shared Information

Reduced Inventory

SPIL Glass is fully functional, with easy set up and fast ROI

Whatever the size of your business, if you’re part of The Glass manufacturing industry SPIL Glass software will give your business an unfair competitive advantage over of your competition. SPIL Glass software is the efficient and cost effective software designed, tested and operating in Australia specifically for use by The Glass manufacturing industry. Secure your business future with new efficiencies in sales and production, faster processing times, less wastage and reduced costs by investing in SPIL Glass software.

Guaranteed Results

See below our list of happy clients that have seen significant improvements.

Low Risk

We have removed the risk to you as we have no lock-in contracts or fees.

Return on Investment

SPIL Glass Software starts a return on investment from implementation

This is what our happy customers have to say



We have been using SPIL Glass software for the last few months and already improved the productivity from the very first month in our all the business areas including the production floor right through to the delivery section. The integration to our financial software was the biggest advantage and the SPIL software team is fully committed to improve our business processes. We are proud to say we are a paperless Glass processing company in Australia after switching to SPIL Glass software.

Glasstech (QLD) Pty Ltd

SPIL Glass software has streamlined the business, saving materials, time and money. Now I have a profitable business and great lifestyle where I can enjoy the great outdoors.

Ian Williams - Managing Director


As a small business, many glass production solutions simply didn’t ‘cut it’ when it came to assisting us to achieve our business goals.

In 2011, after considering available glass software options, we implemented SPIL Glass Software, which streamlined our business and end-to-end glass manufacturing process.

The team at SPIL Glass Software customised a solution enabling us to meet our client’s expectations and our business requirements.

SPIL Glass Software manages our state-of-the-art in-house glass and porcelain manufacturing, which means we now offer an unparalleled range of bespoke products that form a strong competitive advantage.

We have scaled effectively and efficiently from a busy small business to an industry leader by having transparency on all aspects of our business and production processes.

Today, we are Perth’s largest manufacturer of glass splashbacks and have now expanded into large format porcelain tiles without the need for further software investment.

We recommend contacting SPIL Software and discussing ways to increase your profits!

Brandon and Peter - Directors


Chevron Glass made a decision in early 2011 to update their glass processing software, and decided to adopt SPIL Glass Software. The decision was based firstly on the willingness of the SPIL team to learn and understand Chevron’s requirements which included a systp which could cope with two separate production factories. Secondly, SPIL proposed their software solution which was tailored specifically to Chevron’s requirements.

The dedicated SPIL Glass team worked closely with Chevron Glass staff and continue to do so, offering efficient program development and communication with key Chevron staff. A good working relationship has been established and continues to develop. Chevron Glass manufactures Insulated Glass Units and Custom Laminated glass panels, which are incorporated into the SPIL Glass Production Processing software and traceability systps.

Steve Reynolds - IT Manager


We have been using SPIL Glass software since 2010. SPIL has improved our everyday production. Order entry is quick and easy. It is extremely helpful to be able to track glass at any stage in the production process, right down to loading our vehicles for daily deliveries. We now have clear control of our inventory, with very informative reports. Customer enquiries are efficiently dealt with over the phone using our readily available information, and SPIL Software also integrates with our financial software too, that works well for us. We are very happy with SPIL Glass software and they are continually developing with us

Sharon Adnum - Manager

SPIL Glass Software Fits All Size Glass Manufacturers

SPIL Glazier

This solution is ideal for those companies with one to five users. The software will manage individual jobs for you and can be integrated with either of the two larger packages described below. SPIL Glazier is modular based and can include the following modules depending on your business needs.

SPIL Glass Lite

This solution is designed for those companies who do not have all of their processors in-house, i.e. those who outsource some of their work. The software can manage the whole business operation including outsourced work while still providing a modular base that is tailored easily to your business.

SPIL Glass Enterprise

Our most comprehensive solution, Enterprise is able to manage all of the glass production stages including barcode tracking and full integration with your financial software. This is a comprehensive modular solution and we will implement the modules that we both agree will be most beneficial for your business.

SPIL Glass Software is highly flexible, and comes in three base packages which can then be tailored to your specific business. The features of each package are detailed below.

SPIL Glazier

SPIL Glass Lite

SPIL Glass Enterprise

Lead & Sales

  • Track prospects with CRM integration
  • Seamless quote to order 
  • Data analytics

Stock Management

  • Maintain optimium stock levels
  • Calculates landed costs for cashflow 
  • Easy to use stocktaking features

Manufacturing & Production

  • Production planning & data integration
  • Individual glass unit traceability
  • Set and view production KPI's 


  • Easy job tracking system
  • Staff & labour / materials / travel costs
  • Warranty & retention management

Delivery Management

  • Track all despatches
  • Comprehensive rack management
  • Deliveries with Google Maps integration

Ask us how...

SPIL Glass software is now being used in many major glass processing companies across Australia and the world. Wherever you manufacture glass we have a solution to increase your profits.

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